Frequently Asked Questions

1. COVID PRECAUTIONS? For the safety of all, Only the person being seen will be allowed in the office. MASKS must be worn. Temps will

                                               be taken. Hands sanitized. Ill persons will be asked to reschedule.

2 What General Services are offered? The first visit will include an exam($50) and X-ray ($100). The dentist will give you the findings and

                                                                prices to get your teeth and gums restored to health if needed. Otherwise, for healthy teeth and 

                                                                 gums, Simple Cleanings($100) and exams are every 6 months. Extensive cleanings will cost MORE.

                                                                 We also do fillings, extractions, veneers , resin crowns, porcelain crowns, root canals and dentures.

                                                                  We do NOT offer Implants, braces, or remove impacted wisdom teeth. We will refer to specialists for

                                                                  those procedures.

3. Does NOLA Accept insurance?  Yes. NOLA is in-network with Delta Dental, Cigna and BCBS of TN. We accept most workplace PPOs as

                                                           an out-of-network provider. We DO NOT accept DHMOs, Medicaid, TennCare, or Basic Medicare. We

                                                           DO accept Blue care Plus/Advantage, Wellcare and Cigna Healthsprings. BENEFITS must be


                                                            BEFORE your appointment. If not, You will have to pay in full and file your own insurance claim to get

                                                           reimbursed.PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Cash, Care Credit, Visa MC etc( 5% convenience fee added to card

                                                           charges). NOLA does NOT offer payment plans.

4.Can I walk-in or schedule? To allow the dentist the proper amount of time to serve you, Scheduling is PREFERRED.You may click the'

                                                 SCHEDULE an APPOINTMENT button or call the office during business hours. If you don't get an answer,

                                                 Please leave a detailed message for a call back during business hours.

5. Will I be given nitrous gas or IV sedation? NO. The dentist practices pain-free dentistry in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.


6. What type of Gold is used? 22 K( the highest Karat that can be used in the mouth) 24K is pure gold. Lower Karats are diluted with other metals.

                                                   WE DO NOT PLACE PULL OUT GRILLS. PERMANENT CROWNS ONLY. WE DO NOT PUT IN OUTSIDE CROWNS.

7. Is it SAME DAY? NO. Due to COVID, GOLD TEETH CUSTOMS LAB is NOT offering SAME DAY at NOLA. The first visit is for the          

                               Impression(mold) and cleaning. The 2nd visit is for it to be put in. LONG distance clients, please call the office about your


8.Will the teeth be shaved?  YES, only if needed as some may have crowns already. As small amount as possible will be shaved at the 2nd

                                               visit. It can also be built back up later if desired.

9. What if I have gold already? The Gold will be removed at the 2nd visit when the new gold crowns are put on. 

10. What kind of crowns? HAND MADE 22K NOLA SLUGS- Straight edge with straight corners($310 ea), FLORIDA ROUNDS-Curved

                                         Corners($320 ea), Open Face-Only offered on Top Center and Side Teeth(No Lower or Canines/Fangs) ($360ea)

                                          PREMOLARS/BICUSP-Teeth behind fangs going toward wisdom teeth($360ea), NO DESIGNS. DIAMONDS are

                                          CUSTOM. Starting at $900 ea. MUST TEXT 225-573-5944 to confirm EXACT pricing before SCHEDULING

11. Do I have to pay in full? YES! GOLD TEETH CUSTOMS LAB requires FULL PAYMENT at the FIRST visit before they will start your case.

                                             NOLA only takes the impressions(molds) and puts the crowns on. NOLA Does not make it or set prices.

12. Can I use insurance for Golds? NO. These are considered cosmetic gold crowns. Insurance is NOT accepted.

13. What if my teeth are damaged or missing? You will need and exam($50) and Xray($100) for the dentist to see what is needed to prepare

                                                                             your teeth for the crown. That will be an EXTRA cost. A Simple Cleaning may be needed as

                                                                             well, If your teeth require an Extensive Cleaning, It will cost MORE. If you have one missing

                                                                             tooth with good teeth on each side, You will need to get a bridge( gold on the missing tooth

                                                                             and the teeth on each side). That will COST EXTRA. For More than 2 missing teeth in a

                                                                             row, The dentist will discuss your options at the first visit.

14. Can I get Gold on dentures? Yes, dentures ORDERED THROUGH NOLA  can be made with GOLD added. We will NOT put gold on   

                                                       outside dentures. GOLD for Denture teeth is $400 per tooth plus the cost of the denture.


15. Do I Still need Cleanings? YES. We Offer Gold Polish and simple cleanings to keep your gold, natural teeth, and gums in good


16 Are crowns like my teeth? Nothing is stronger than healthy natural teeth. Crowns must be taken care of. Hard, chewy, sticky substances

                                                 may damage the crown and cause it to come off. If it comes off and is not damaged, keep it safe and request

                                                 an appointment. It may be able to be recemented($50). If it is damaged, it will need replacing. NOLA can not

                                                 REPAIR damaged gold crowns.

17. Will my impression/mold be kept? NO. When your gold crowns are put on, your mold is discarded.

18. Can I go from gold to tooth-colored? Yes! At any time the dentist can replace the gold with tooth-colored Resin or Porcelain crowns.